May 24, 2016

Spindle Magazine is the must have lifestyle guide for fashion, music and the arts. Launched in 2010, Spindle is an online hub for a thriving creative community, located in the ideal location for likeminded creatives in Hackney Downs Studios, London. Eye Respect CEO Jonathan van Blerk recently chatted through his inspirations and process behind crafting the perfect pair of sunnies....


What drove you to start Eye Respect?

I was tired of all the big industry companies not telling the truth about what they were manufacturing and frankly not producing good enough quality products. Our values as a company are in every one of our products.

Did you have a background in business?

I have always had the desire and flair to be creative and different. With a background in Engineering, specialising in plastics and manufacturing management tied in with my eye for design and simplifying things it was always going to be my chosen route no matter how difficult it would be.


How did you come up with the name Eye Respect?

The very name of our brand goes a long way to explaining the motivation behind our existence. Pause and think for a moment: Eye Respect is much more than a simple pun.

Whilst caring for the eyes of our customers, and offering the finest hand-crafted product at the correct price to market, we also set out on our mission to embrace, utilise and promote the work of our skilled artisan craftsmen and factories, and help the wider consumer understand exactly what goes in to landing a pair of Eye Respect frames on the end of one’s nose. We delve into the issues of real hand crafted eyewear and sharing the experience with our customer base. After all, we are Eye Respect. Eye Respect believes and leads in its Respect for Craft campaigns around the globe.


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