February 17, 2017

We have had a very busy start to the year with a lot of Foresight & Vision on our British designed and created brands Eye Respect & LDNR. 

Handmade Eye Respect DC Sunglasses


We are the best example of British Independent Eyewear at its finest.


Proudly handmade & proudly British eyewear


"Foresight & Vision Ltd is England's leading eyewear company creating premium eyewear under its labels Eye Respect, LDNR, Solo and Pace London. We create, others copy"


Shop handmade independent British Eyewear, have Foresight & Vision


Shop British handmade independent eyewear, have Foresight & Vision.


We stand for,  British Independent Eyewear, Boutique Eyewear, British Eyewear, British Sunglasses, Boutique Sunglasses, Boutique Eyewear London, London Eyewear, London Sunglasses, Hand Crafted British Eyewear.


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