February 27, 2017

It is an unbelievable story of overcoming all types of adversity as Creative Director and CEO Jonathan van Blerk with back to the wall forged forward with unwavering belief in his abilities and the unique brands he had created in British leading eyewear brands LDNR and Eye Respect to create Foresight & Vision Ltd, widely regarded as the sole shining light in British eyewear, punching way above its weight until it came out on top. 

British Eyewear leader Foresight & Vision launches with Sahara Force India Formula One

With Foresight & Vision it went forward into the heady pinnacle of Formula One racing and launched with its partner Sahara Force India Formula One at the beginning of 2017 ensuring even further how it has become the most sought after eyewear in The Formula One Paddock 

How did Britain´s coolest Eyewear Company become even cooler? Esteban Ocon in LDNR.biz

Sergio Perez and Estaban Ocon have embraced the brands and have been very involved in LDNR and Eye Respect with their unique creative view behind the wheel of the VJM10 Formula One Maching of Sahara Force India Formula One.


How did Britain´s coolest Eyewear Company become even cooler?


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