March 26, 2017

This is a short report from 2017 Melbourne Formula One and a few LDNR & Eye Respect Images of Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon and The Force India Formula One Racing Team showing Foresight & Vision in Australia.

Pink LDNR Sunglasses for our Pink Panthers in their pink Sahara Force India Formula One car


The amazing new VJM10 car has got so much attention with its pink livery and our LDNR brand has received incredible interest with the branding on the front, mirrors, on the team kit, racing suits, helmets and of course the sunglasses worn by all in the team.

Checo was P7 and Esteban P10 so both in the points on a succesfull day in Australia. and Sahara Force India Formula One

LDNR and Eye Respect are furthering their cause as Great British Eyewear Brands.


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